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The Philosophy of Silver Birch

Who was Silver Birch?

Silver Birch was the name given to the renowned and spiritually-elevated teacher who gave us such profound wisdom and spiritual understandings and instruction through the Trance Mediumship of Maurice Barbanell, founder Editor of "Psychic News".

We are grateful to the Spiritual Truth Foundation for their
kind permission to use extracts from Silver Birch books.



Silver Birch has always been unwavering in his denunciation of war and the taking of life in any circumstances. He has always urged the spreading of peace teaching, as is shown by the following selection from his talks:

WE do not want the spirit world to become once again a hospital for broken souls. Those of us who work amongst you know that you must be prepared to take into your world all that which we try to teach you. We cannot do it for you. We can only see the result of those things you do which are wrong and show you what happens in our world when you do wrong things in yours.
It is because we see the destruction and the harm done that we have to point out the result-there come into the spirit world those who are not yet ready. They are plucked from the tree of life before the fruit is ripe. Why should we have to mend broken souls because you have destroyed the means through which they functioned on earth. Why should we have to give up our progress in order to serve those who only come into our world because you have failed to do your duty?
If we did not love, and if we did not express the love of the Great Spirit, we would not be working amongst the children of earth. You must try to judge us only by the truths we try to teach you. You can never say to us: "That which you teach is wrong; It is against our common sense."
It cannot be right, even for your material world, to justify war. Even in things of matter, it leads only to destruction.
It cannot be right for our world, because you interfere with the operation of the law. How dare the children of earth interfere with the divine law that the spirit should drop from the body when it is ripe!
You must stand for that which is right. Those who are blind must not be allowed to interfere with the work of the spirit. You do not know how in your world there is at work an organized effort to upset all that which makes for progress, peace and harmony. Your world has to learn not to think in terms of separate peoples, but to realize that all are the children of the Great Spirit. The barriers are made by the children of earth, not by the Great Spirit. He has given to each one of them a part of His spirit and, because of that, they are all parts of Him.
When there is so much work of construction to be done in your world, why is it that even your "wise ones" seek only to destroy? The Great Spirit has given natural laws to regulate all these things. The children must not seek to interfere with the laws. If you do not live within the Law the result can only be destruction and chaos. Have you not seen it already?
I urge each one of you to do what you can to throw all your weight and your work among those who seek to bring the Great Spirit's plan into your world. Do you think the Great Spirit wants blood to be shed? Do you think the Great Spirit wants misery, suffering, unemployment, hungry people, dirty houses, wars? Do you think the Great Spirit wants His children to be denied the bounty He has given? Do you think the Great Spirit wants little children to be denied guidance from their parents because they have been forced into my world? If you are loyal to that which we try to teach you-only because, like you, we seek to serve the Great Spirit - you will help in this work. It is against the Law of the Great Spirit for anyone to try to put an end to the physical life of another spirit.
When the lust to kill is fostered, reason departs. Not only is the Great Spirit within you, but there is also the remnant of your animal evolution. Your progress and your evolution consist in learning to subdue the animal and in allowing the I can see Great Spirit to shine. If you allow the animal side to come out on top, then you have war and strife and killing, but if you "allow the Great Spirit to shine, and you seek to serve one another, then you will have peace and harmony and plenty.
You must not divide your world into countries or peoples. You must try to teach that they are all parts of the Great Spirit. They are all His children. Even those who are divided by seas are brothers and sisters in the sight of the Great Spirit. Our teaching is simple but true. It is founded on die It is founded on the Laws of the Great Spirit. If you seek to build your world, ignoring the law, you must have chaos and disorder. You become bankrupt.
There will be many wars in your world of matter unless great effort and sacrifices are made. You have sown the seeds and you must reap what you have sown, for you cannot cheat the law of cause and effect. You cannot sow bloodshed and reap peace. Sow love and love will come. Sow peace and peace will arrive.
Sow seeds of service everywhere and the world will be filled with service. These are the simple truths of the Great Spirit. They are so simple that they confound the "wise ones" of your world.


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